Econo Ladies Chest Guard and FoilGuard Cover (Save 10%)

QPSport - New Zealand
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Ladies Economy Chest Plate for Fencing - and the soft FoilGuard cover COMBO.  Save 10%.


 Sizing chart for econoguard

FoilGuard has been developed by QP Sport in conjunction with the FIE to meet FIE rulebook section m.25.4.c relating to the mandatory use of a soft chest guard overlay in Foil fencing.

FoilGuard uses the highest quality materials to make it the lightest, best fitting and most comfortable soft Foil overlay available. FoilGuard is fully moulded so it fits over your plastic chest guard perfectly in a slim line look. Competing products are sewn to approximate the shape of the chest guard and look bulky in comparison. We have taken no short cuts developing this product, and the quality shows!

FoilGuard use is mandatory in FIE sanctioned Foil Fencing competition from 1 April 2018.

FoilGuard attaches to your existing men’s MasterGuard plastic chest guard by self-adhesive Velcro dot stickers supplied with FoilGuard. Apply the self-adhesive Velcro dot stickers to your chest guard, and the inside surface of the FoilGuard will stick directly to the Velcro dots. Easy!

You can apply and remove your FoilGuard many times.



Protects your chest and breasts in sport

  • Lightweight - for comfort
  • Flexible - for best fit
  • Strong - for safety
  • Certified - for your protection

The worlds original breast and chest protector for sportswomen. Inspired by the Nuns at a girls school in 1981, the EconoGuard is now sold worldwide and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of women.  You can depend on our product quality and our dedication to womens well being to allow you to perform at your best in your chosen sport, with confidence.

A hit to the breasts hurts! We know that, it also takes away confidence, and removes your focus while you recover.

EconoGuard protects your full chest. Breasts, ribs, sternum are all covered with the flexible, yet strong (virtually unbreakable) polyethylene guard. The guard is held firmly in place by adjustable elastic straps and fastened with a standard hook and eye bra fastener, meaning you can wear the EconoGuard under or over your regular bra or sports uniform.  We recommend a light tee-shirt is worn under the EconoGuard - a sports bra is not necessary as the EconoGuard provides full support.

Reduce risks in your chosen sport, gain confidence and compete in the knowledge your breasts are protected from painful knocks.

When competing in Soccer, Fencing, Karate, Boxing, Hockey, Taekwondo, Cricket etc. In fact any sport where contact with another competitor or bat/ball is possible. No heavy padding needed with EconoGuard as the protector is a neat and ‘correct’ fit on the body.

Proven world wide since 1981. Sold by many of the world’s leading sports goods distributors. Tested by University of Portland and found to be best in its class.


Final shaping of the guard can be necessary to obtain the best fit under the arms. The instruction book explains the method.

Beware of copies of our Econo Guard. Are they safe? Are they CE certified? How heavy are they? Watch for sharp edges, recycled (brittle) plastic and low quality elastic.

Also sold under the following brand names: Allstar; Leon Paul

No Warranty or Returns on used products