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PBT Basic Glove

PBT BASIC Childs washable Glove

Cdn $18.55
ONLY IN STOCK SIZES AVAILABLE Replaced by Child Padded Glove: HERE Recommended for beginner children as there is no padding on the back of the hand.Suitable for all three weapons.Made of our BASIC-style material in beige colour.Cuff: made of 50...
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New: Padded Child Glove

PBT Childs Padded + washable gloves

Cdn $20.78
Washable,padded kids glove ideal for beginners. Suitable for all three weapons (except electric sabre). Light grey color. Hand-washable in 30°C warm water.      
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PBT Child's Glove

PBT Childs size gloves

Cdn $15.87
Cdn $13.87 On Sale
Made of soft leather. Padded on the top, especially recommended for beginner sabre fencers. Comfortable, easily adopts to the shape of the hand. Available in four sizes: S,M,L,XL Please note that it is NOT washable!  These gloves are not made...
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