HEMA Jacket PRO - Men's

PBT - Hungary
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Non-stock items.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Tested and used by experienced HEMA fencers.
Perfect mobility and protection at the same time in this great hit-absorption jacket.
PRO jackets come with INTEGRATED ELBOW AND FOREARM PROTECTORS, plus removable padded inserts and viscoelastic shoulder pads as in standard jackets.
All in one jacket and no need to take care of seperate upper body protectors.

Elbow and forearm protectors:
Elbow is completely covered with viscoelastic elbow pad and plastic discs on both sides of the elbow bones where lot of nervs are running.
Forearm is protected around with plastic inserts except the inner part where minimal hits received.

Torso pads:
Front insert of 4mm
Two inserts of 4 mm thickness over the ribs
Two inserts of 4 mm thickness on the back
Quickly removed padding to easily wash or transform the jacket according to your needs and conform or light sparring without inserts.

Great mobility with heat reduction properties in a non-bulky design.
Torso lengthened by 10 cm to protect hips and abdomen.
Sleeves sewn horizontally and extra material sewn on the armpits to reduce the rising of the jacket when arms are held above the head.
Double-material "pocketed" blade-catching collar.
Double padded upper arms.
Single padded forearms.
Designed to optionally wear with throat guard,elasticated back of the neck.
Made in Hungary by our experienced tailors.

Available in many sizes ,comes with backzip.
Wash in 40 degrees with taken out inserts and pads.
WARNING: custom made jackets are non-returnable.






HEMA products can only be exchanged when new and unused. Due to the nature of this combat sport, the participant should inspect their equipment before each use and ot use if there is a safety concern.