Quality Performers Ltd., New Zealand

Proudly made in "middle earth" New Zealand, sold worldwide and favourites for men and women in Karate, Boxing, Martial Arts and Fencing among many other sports. This brand carries the labels of many of the world's leading Martial Arts and Fencing brands including Arawaza, Allstar, Hayashi, Top Ten, Shureido, Tokaido, Leon Paul, Negrini, Uhlmann, Blitz, Bytomic, Century, Dax, Budo Nord, Kamikaze, Kwon, Playwell, SF Jam, and many more.

You can trust QP Sport quality and comfort, these are the original chest guards approved for Fencing and Karate. CE, WKF, AIBA and FIE approved. Only the best fabrics and materials, and made with care and quality. Dont accept a cheap copy protection product, you deserve a product you can trust!

Safety equipment

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