Rewire Blades

The attached brochure contains useful tips on rewiring your blade and putting your weapon back together again.

Rewire Brochure (pdf format)


The key here is:

  • Have the replacement parts to hand before you start
  • You always need more parts than you think as you will probably drop a screw or two and the spring may have a mind of its own
  • Note the order in which you take the weapon apart
  • Be careful as many parts are very small
  • Work over a sheet magnet (obtain from a local stationary store) to catch the small metallic parts
  • Remove the old wire and clean the blade of old glue well.  Contaminants in the groove may cause your new wire not to adhere as well as you need
  • Replace damaged screws, but keep the old weight spring if it carries the weight.  New springs require some time to 'soften' and a worked in spring is best for competition
  • In a rush, use superglue for the whole job, but watch your fingers, they are not part of your foil or epee and do not need to be glued to the blade